Ana Tinelli’s greatest passions are creating, drawing and fashion. Ana is of Italian descent and at an early age she learned to live with exuberant gems and precious metals. Her great-grandfather, a professional jeweler, passed on his love of jewellery to Ana. Thanks to his legacy she became fascinated with gold, silver and the brightness of stones and colors from an early age.

Ana studied in Tokyo, at the renowned ESMOD, an International French business and fashion school. At ESMOD she studied gemology, technical drawing and trends. She even came to produce her own pieces. This phase was an essential part of Ana’s learning experience and it helped her to further develop her craft.

Back in Brazil, Ana Tinelli developed a collection of unique pieces and soon afterwards she was invited to set up a boutique inside Daslu Mall, this partnership was a success. Ana also had a shop inside the JK Shopping Mall, one of Sao Paulo’s most luxurious commercial centers. For the past 15 years, Ana has created high end jewelry and exclusive pieces for this sector.

After years practicing yoga and searching for a balance between the body and the mind, Ana began designing jewelry for people who were also rooted in this same philosophy of life. Today her brand is inspired by the connection of mind and body. The jewelry that Ana develops is focused on the world of yoga, for that is the universe that surrounds her. When Ana Tinelli creates a new piece of jewelry, she is always looking for something beyond just the beauty of the jewel. She cares deeply about the benefits that it can bring to its wearers, after all, a piece of jewelry is full of energy and strength.


Design and Beauty

The main idea is to always illuminate the woman, raising her self-esteem and confidence through jewellery that exudes peace, tranquility and beauty which are unified with benefits such as protection, strength and healing. Ana Tinelli produces pieces that inspire her and that inspire clients.
Ana’s creations can be found for sale in her São Paulo studio, on her e-commerce site and in various exhibitions and events. In addition to that she also designs custom made pieces.

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In Media

Some of the brands clients include: Naomi Campbell, Costanza Pascolato, Donata Meirelles, Georgina Brandolini, Renata Kuerten, Thereza Collor, Tereza Fitipaldi, among others.

Ana Tinelli’s creations have been featured in various photo shoots, websites and magazines such as: Vogue, Vogue RJ, Faces, See Luxury, Daslu, Lola, Uma, Claudia, Elle, Black Card, Bazaar, Glamurama, Lu Lacerda, Vivi Mascaro, Circolare, Arena, Snap among many others.



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